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The Imagined Architecture of Homo Transludens: Networked Sport and Affective Politics.

Play is a fundamental component of human culturesone that has infused other structural forms of the society of Homo Ludenssuch as art, philosophy and law cf. Inherent in play to greater or lesser degrees are sets of rules that channel the conditions of possibility for the ludic subject, whether towards a particular goal or in freer forms of expression.

But in the contemporary digital age, these rules of play often become more implicitly rules of a computer system, algorithmically and architecturally so.

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Located in the liminal space between these two strategic figures, Homo Transludens is proposed in this program of post-doctoral research as one who navigates the threshold in sport between rules and non-rules — not in such a way as to cheat against one's opponents but rather to find new opportunities for athletic expression at the ostensible boundaries of play. Brian Massumi refers to this threshold phenomenon of relational movement as the style that generates the evolution of a sport.

Homo Transludensthen, may be considered the creative figure at play "who most effectively melds with the collectivity, toward its becoming " PftVp. In the context of the Global Village Basketball pilot project, Massumi's style referred not only to the creative expression of athletic bodies on the court, but to the design of the actual playing spaces themselves.

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While many of the meta-game molecules played indoors in "traditional" gymnasium locations, many others joined the game from municipal parks or playgrounds.

One mother used toy baskets and chalk to sketch a scaled-down outline of a full court in her driveway on which local pre-school children could participate. Meanwhile, absent a ball to play with at the Venice Biennale art festival, two artists mimed on video the gestures of a one-on-one competition, using Alexei Kallima's Rain Theorem — Homo pick up at the playground black light installation of a football stadium crowd cheering — as the visual backdrop for the performance.

This capacity to imagine local architectures helped mobilize a collective architecture of the imagination for networking together some of the molecular pickup games that existed around the world. The Global Village Basketball meta-game was an aggregated, yet distributed, net performance of improvised pickup basketball played upon on a smooth patchwork of architectural spaces.

In this sense we may consider it to have existed as a line of flight from the privileged structures and spaces of state-organized basketball, temporarily allowing for new biopolitical subjectivities to emerge in a sporting context. Once an imagined play begins and the pieces commingle dare we say miscegenate?

He is currently adjunct faculty in wearable sculpture at OCAD University, a sessional lecturer on cartographies of the control society at the University of Toronto Scarborough, and one of the founding members of the Murmur Land Studios curatorial collective -- an experimental field school initiative begun in that offers event-based pedagogy in art, philosophy, kinaesthetics, ecology and camping community for the post-anthropocene era.

His first full manuscript, Overclock O'Clockwas published by Void Front Press inwhile three other chapbooks, tununurbununulence vOo.

His other sports-art work has been presented in such varied spaces as HomeShop in Beijing during the Olympics, the Main Squared community arts festival in Toronto, SenseLab's Generating the Impossible research-creation event in Montreal, and in the courtyard of the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art during Nuit Blanche. His latest project, Aqua Raraweaves a practice of embodied art-philosophistry together with athletics and kairotic time to work as a performance-text between myriad water ecologies, swimming gestures, and watching the Aquarium Channel endlessly on loop.

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It is also part of a doctoral project by Sean Smith on networked sport and community politics. The reference is from George Lucas' epic movie, THXin which a state-controlled intensification of communication processes manages every facet of daily life in a futuristic society, regulating the flux of all human subjects in work, leisure and love.

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Networked Sport and Affective Politics an excerpt, submitted by sean smith to the social sciences and humanities research council of canada post-doctoral fellowship program for a proposed residency at concordia university's sense lab Play is a fundamental component of human culturesone that has infused other structural forms of the society of Homo Ludenssuch as art, philosophy and law cf. October 6, Feedback: Images contaminate us like viruses.

The notes posted here should be understood as emerging from an ongoing program of research-creation.

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Threads of inquiry include: He holds a PhD in Media Philosophy from the European Graduate School in Switzerland and has exhibited and performed internationally as part of the Department of Biological Flowan experimental collaboration in arts-based research inquiry with Barbara Fornssler. Global Village Basketball is an internationally-networked game of pickup basketball that first took place on June 10, The Department of Biological Flow is a project of research-creation by Sean Smith and Barbara Fornssler exploring the concept of the moving human body as it is integrated with broader information networks of signal and noise.

Love and respect are due to Bloggerwhich helped me get my start in blogging.

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Published under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved On weekends, he would take primary care of Lily so that I could catch up on the work missed because of the days I had her at home.

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