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Gay XXX Photo Thanks for your assist.

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I want to thank the professors that are writing reference letters to me. I thought I'd put this at the end of my email requesting the aforementioned letters:.

Are these options acceptable? What would be a more natural way of saying this stressing not only the time they took to write it, but also the pains they took, having to lose time writing this? I think this question has the benefit of being useful in other cases. I just realized I don't really know how to thank people for something like this formally in English.

If someone has helped you...

How to say thank you for the? Should I say "Thank you for your kindly attention" or "Thank you for you kind attention".

I should have emphasized this better, but I felt it was very important to thank the referees for the effort not only the time spent put into writing the letter. So I wanted that the answer to this question could highlight this desire.

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And thank you for your answers! All of them are excellent, it's a shame I can pick only one as the correct answer.

Instead of ending the letter with these sentences, a correspondence reply letter usually Thanks for your assist with these lines. This would be more suitable if the initial letter was very long, and may have given you the impression that the writer took a great deal of effort to write it. Although not wrong, this sounds a little too dramatic.