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Dean coxx and john magnum

Gay Adult Videos Dean coxx and john magnum.

Tanning beds and drugs will do that to you. Josh Griffin has a Miss Piggy face. Here is his twitter page. The background pic he uses is so ridiculously touched up and looks like they photoshopped another mans face where his should be. Dean coxx and john magnum needs to go ahead and become the party bottom his fans want. I didn't like watching him try to top with that limp cock when he was super hot - why would I care now?

john magnum and dean coxx...

It's his eyes, like he had bags under his eyes done or shaved his eyeborws, something but I can't pinpoint it. Doesn't top or bottom?

Then what good is he? I can play a game of chess with my old cousin Sidney. Reading his thing, I take it to mean he does oral only - that he doesn't fuck or get fucked with clients.

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It means he can ask for his fee to be doubled or tripled when a client desperately wants to fuck him or get fucked by him and believe it's the very first time he does that with a client. He seems to have some sort of fetish about getting his hair pulled during his sexy times with men. If you look at some of his stuff from the Hawaii trip he took when he was with StraightCollegeMen you can see Dean coxx and john magnum showing the guy who is doing him how to pull his hair at a certain point.

Plus, he really, really, really likes to kiss men. There was a vid on youtube of him accepting an award of some type for SCM and he ended his acceptance speech with a loud: I love that John Magnum in the video posted. Just what I look for Dean coxx and john magnum a man! Tanning beds, not caring for your skin in-general, steroid cycles and what appears to be diuretic use all combine to give him that cheap leather luggage look.

Then again, it's as-per-usual in that industry to live fast, get ugly quick. Benjamin Bradley could have aged so well, but thanks to what appears to be tanorexia and steroid abuse, he and his hubby are aging terribly.

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